Hello World

There are often many scattered ideas, discoveries, or inventions that I have, and I have always wanted to create a blog to motivate myself and share with others. Although I have many domain names and VPS, I currently do not have much desire to tinker with blog programs or static page generators. Recently, I came across xLog, which makes editing and publishing simple, and all the data is stored on the blockchain. It also supports IPFS access, which meets my expectations for a lightweight Web3 blog. So, I decided to use the long-unused domain name 240e.cc to directly create a blog on the naked domain. Of course, for more specific features and usability, I still need to further observe whether Crossbell chain and IPFS access are reliable.

Let me introduce my existing projects:


  • Collection of IPv6 testing sites around the world
  • Provides a set of my own test nodes
  • Some nodes support LookingGlass


  • Batch Test Tool for Cloudflare IP
  • Supports latency statistics, region detection, and download speed test
  • Works in the browser
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